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Can you link to my Facebook page?

Answer: Absolutely, and your Yelp and Linked in pages too, if you so desire.

Can my website and my email address be the same?

Answer: Yes, millions businesses do that and we can help your business have a more professional looking email address.

What is the difference between a hosting company and registrar?

Answer:Your registrar grants you the right to use a certain domain name, like  The hosting company rents you space on a computer to store the files for your websites.  Some companies are registrars and hosts at the same time.

How can I show up higher in Google?

Answer: There’s no simple answer, but if you’re a contractor interested in this question we’d be happy to discuss the answer with you.  CALL OR WRITE US TODAY.  Our short answer is two-fold: #1) pay Google or #2) have a stupendous amount of high quality content (photos and descriptions) on your website, along with a tremendous number of mentions of your website on other websites.

How can I update my own website?

Answer: SuperContractor makes it easy for you to update your own website.  If you can use Facebook, you can use our software, it’s that simple to use.  You can add new projects, new photos, and new news items in about a minute.

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